Clothing Chaos to Spiritual Awareness: Urban Plunge Kansas City

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to join ten of my friends on a mission trip in Kansas City. This was an Urban Plunge mission trip through Christ for the City International. Essentially an Urban Plunge is when a group of people travel to a large urban area or city and spend 3-7 … Continue reading Clothing Chaos to Spiritual Awareness: Urban Plunge Kansas City



I am currently reading and reflecting upon the book Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and today's reading on Community has got me thinking about how I love, have loved, and have been loved by the people around me. Since "God is love," I find myself deeply invested in understanding what love truly is. What is love? Is love … Continue reading Love?

Perpetua and Felicitas: The Saints that Live On

Perpetua was born in Carthage into a wealthy family and her slave Felicitas lived alongside her throughout her whole life. In 202 CE she, alongside her fellow Saint Satarus, pregnant Felicitas, and her child, were arrested under the direction of Septimus Severus for proclaiming to be Christian. The majority of her life story, that she … Continue reading Perpetua and Felicitas: The Saints that Live On

Stance on Women in Ministry

Position Women in Christianity was one of the most impactful classes on my faith and the formulation of my beliefs. I was interested in taking the class because I grew up in the United Methodist Church where women have full participation in ministry, so I wanted to learn about the reasoning why some people would … Continue reading Stance on Women in Ministry

Captivating Creator

God your creative nature is truly captivating in every way. The radiant sun speaks of your ultimate goodness. The mountains speak of your majesty and strength. The waves speak of your overflowing, never-ceasing, reckless love. The trees mimic your ability to breathe the breath of life into each and every one of us. The rocks … Continue reading Captivating Creator